Siamese Myths-Legends

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Keeping The Souls Of The Dead
When a person who was ranked highly in Siamese society died the usual thing to do was to select one of the highly esteemed Siamese cats and allow the soul of the diseased person to pass into it.  The dead person's relatives hoped to receive  blessings and good fortune by removing the cat from the household and sending it to the holy temple. There it would live in abosolute luxury and be waited on round the clock by the priests and servants.  The cats would eat the finest most delicious food available and recline on the most comfortable of cushions made out of the richest materials, their lives were sublime. Now that they had become cats of the temple they were endowed with special powers and could intercede for a dead person's soul.
  The Gift Of Beautiful Blue Eyes                                                           
At a time when the temple alters of Siam were under threat from a hoard of barbarians, the cats came to the rescue and defended the temple so well they succeeded in repelling the invaders.  The priests were extremely grateful for what the cats had done for them and prayed to their gods devoutly afterwards.  As a result the Gods looked upon the cats with great favour and decided to reward them by giving them the gift of beautiful blue eyes, which has been passed down from generation to generation.                                                                                 
  The Legend Of How The Siamese Cat Got Its Tail Kink
It is said that when the princesses and their ladies of the Royal household in ancient Siam wanted to bathe they would be accompanied by their faithful Siamese cats. Having nowhere to put their rings they decided to put them on the tail of the cats. Because Siamese cats live a long time they developed a kink that prevented the rings from falling off.  Another legend of the tail kink tells us that a Buddhist monk decided to tie his Siamese cat's tail in a knot to help him remember things of importance. Ever since this occurrence their tails have been kinked.
The Legend Of The Golden Goblet.                      
This Siamese cat legend tells of a time of war in ancient Siam when all the men of the land had to leave to defend their country. They left behind a male and female Siamese cat to guard a sacred golden goblet that was once the property of the Buddha. The two cats were amorous of each other for a while but eventually the male cat Tien, decided to wander off and find another priest to guard the temple.  This left the poor female called Chula who was pregnant on her own to guard the goblet. She became overwhelmed with the task and so wrapped her tail around the stem of the goblet for fear of losing it.  She kept her eyes fixed on the goblet and waited for the men to return before her kittens were due. With staring that hard for so long she developed a squint and her tail became bent.  The kittens came before the men returned and ever since the Siamese cat has had a kinked tail and crossed eyes.
Noah's Ark And The Creation Of The Siamese Cat
According to legend the animals got fed up and bord being cooped up in the ark for such a long voyage so they tried to find ways to relieve their boredom by getting to know one another better. When the ape fell in love with the lioness the first Siamese cat was born. It was said that this first cat had the personality of the ape and the courage of the lioness
How The Siamese Cat Got Its Crossed Eyes  
The cats couldn't take their eyes of royal treasures and would stare at them so intensely that their eyes eventually became crossed.

Siamese Cats - Guardians of the temples of Buddha

This legend of the Siamese cat tells how Siamese cats were so highly thought of they became guardians of the temples of Buddha. They were considered sacred and were highly valued by royalty. If you attempted to steal one from a royal residence you paid with your life because the offence carried the dealth penalty.

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