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We have long loved the Siamese cat breed, and we are a mother

and daughter duo. Mum has been breeding for over 40 years, with

a break of 10 years in between. Paula has been brought up with

Siamese and has never been without Siamese around her feet, she

has assisted her mum in breeding since a very young age so also

has hands on experience and the same passion.

All our cats and kittens are indoor cats and part of the family with

the exception of our stud boys who have their own private heated

quarters outside. Although outside they are allowed out of their

house during the day in our cat proofed garden to play with the

girls and kittens which they really enjoy this helps keep them well

socialised and still part of the family.

We are based in South Northants and decided to recommence our

love affair with the Siamese breed and share our experiences with

other Siamese cat lovers.

All our cats are part of the family and are well socialized, as such

all the kittens are brought up with lots of love and cuddles.

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